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Jens Kirstein
If I knew myself better, I would tell you something about me.

I am living in Germany and I like this country a lot. I am interested in so many things, but my favorite are Star Wars, Military, History, Technology, Astronomy, Fantasy...many, many more, less prominent.

I practice swordplay when I have time to and are part of the Sith Force's Dark Council (

Oh, yes. I have some animals here.
Six Budgies (Nelly, Sunny, Flöckchen, Fussel, Woodstock and Macchia-Welli)
Two Finches (Madame Lustig and Krümel)
Two Pigeons (Tweety and Habib)
Three Rats (Schröder, Linus and Ratzinger)

who all keep me busy.

I live with my fiance, Veronique (Darth Pain), who studies archeology and is a wonderful cook.

Current Residence: Duisburg, Germany
Favourite genre of music: Soundtrack
Favourite cartoon character: Sharon Apple
hmm...Germany would probably not be able to keep lots of the High Seas fleet, even if the war would have been a draw.
I think they would keep the Baden -class and probably build all four of them. They would also like to keep the König-class battleships, as well as
the Derfflinger-class battlecruisers. By the time Germany would enter a treaty (1923 in Washington), they could have finised the first two Mackensen-class battlecruiers.
Under the treaty, the last two battlecruisers could have been converted into aircraft carriers and some older vessels would have been sold (the 28cm-armed von der Tann and Moltke, perhaps some of the
Nassau-class battleships to Turkey, while the Kaiser-class and the Ostfriesland class could have been given to other navies, Argentina, for example). Germany would probably not finish the Ersatz-Yorck class battlecruiser, however powerful they might have been.
Given the fact that japan, the US and Great Britain all built two 406mm armed warships, Germany would have demanded to do so, too.
They also would have been able to build heavy cruisers.

Since the battlecruiser Seydlitz and the König-class battleships are notoriously bad to improve and to upgrade. I imagine that Seydlitz is converted into an aircraft carrier. Under the treaty, two of the Königs would have to be scrapped or converted. A good use would be that of training ships, being stripped of the main guns and being equipped with training facilities, smaller guns for artillery training.
In the twenties, two additional Königs would have been scrapped in favor of the proposed 406mm-armed ships. I have assigned the same tonnage allowance as japan.
That's where I have to be imaginative. Two battleships, lets call them "Admiral Tirpitz"-class with eight 406mm guns would have been possible.

Okay, we now have :

-4 Baden-class Battleships
-2 Admiral Tirpitz -class Battleships
-2 Derfflinger -class Battlecruisers
-2 Mackensen -class Battlecruiser

Aircraft Carriers
-2 Mackensen -class Aircraft Carriers, converted from battlecruisers
-1 Ausonia -class Aircraft Carrier, converted from a fast merchant ship
-1 Richthofen -class light carrier, purpose built

These ships are build to displacement restrictions, except the two Tirpitz-class, which displace slightly more, but most navies did that.
To protect their lines of communications (colonies), Germany demanded a heavy cruiser tonnage equal to that of Great Britain, 146,800 tons.
At first, they build four of the "Admiral von Stahlen" -class cruisers. They are adequate, but not exceptional. Heavily armed, they are not as
fast as many other cruisers in their class. Also, their cramped engines and less than adequate compartmentalization were always subject to
A new program was instituted in the mid-thirties, encompassing four Blücher-class heavy cruisers (which are too big, however) and six
Duisburg-class escort cruisers. These big, versatile cruisers are armed with a plethora of lighter weapons, mostly geared towards air-defense and
convoy hunting and are meant to escort bigger units into the high seas. Also not very fast, they are stable, long-range platforms.

Also, like other countries with colonies, seaplane tenders (some of them convertible into aircraft carriers or seaplane cruisers), as well as monitors are build to protect the vital colonial possessions.

We now have a navy of six battleships, four battlecruisers, four aircraft carriers, eight true heavy cruisers and six large light cruisers.
The treaty of London allows the replacement of older vessels when they are twenty years old. Being from 1912, the Derfflinger -class is overdue and are now replaced by two new "battlecruisers" of the Skagerrak-type, laid down in 1934. In 1935, two more are constructed and two of the "Friedrich der Große"-class battleships are laid down, all four as replacement for the Baden-class (which were modernized shortly before). The latter battleships are build in secrecy, to hide their true, monstrous nature (they are constructed in Rügenhafen, a massive naval base on the island of Rügen, which was really proposed).
The Baden-class is not sold, however, but kept in service due to the tensions around Africa at this time.

As for aircaft carriers, the Ausonia is relegated to service as an auxilliary carrier (repair and transport) and the Richthofen is relegated to a status as training ship. Two bigger carriers are ordered at the time (expanded to five vessels due to the war, but construction will be finished in early 1943). Shortly before the outbreak of the new great war, two additional Friedrich der Große -class superdreadnoughts are laid down, as well as two (new) Derfflinger -class battleships. The first of the big battlehips and both latter will be finished as aircraft carriers, while the fourth FdG will be scrapped.

hmmm...this should be a more realistic thing.
  • Listening to: Documentations of the WWII Naval War
  • Reading: Various technical literature about Naval Warfare
  • Watching: Old WWII war footage
  • Playing: Panzer General, Warship Simulator
  • Eating: Still more Delicious stuff my fiance cooks.
  • Drinking: Guiness (left over from St.Patrick's Day :-))

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